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Best Wine to Pair with Marinara Sauce

The tomato, native to western South America and Central America, was first introduced to Europe when Cortez brought seeds back from Montezuma’s gardens in the early 1500s. Thirty years later, the fruit was introduced into the Spanish kingdom of Naples, became popular and marinara sauce was born.

Best Wine to Pair With Sushi

I think diners who shy away from even trying raw fish believe they are in for a strong, fishy taste and slimy consistency, when really, a fresh example can contain beautifully subtle, gentle flavors and a clean texture. Its understated taste explains some folks’ need to drown each bite in soy sauce and wasabi. Sashimi is a good start for neophytes, since it omits the seaweed, which itself can be an acquired taste.

Best Wine to Pair with Pasta in White Wine Sauce

IntoWine asked our experts for their top pairings for pasta with white wine sauce, and they served up an affordable Muscadet, an eco-smart option that's 100% organic, plus an unexpected red: Pasta with white wine sauce is best with a wine that you can both use for the recipe and enjoy along side it...

Best Wine to Pair with Prime Rib

Prime rib is a classic main course for the American table. We asked our panel of experts what they’d recommend for the perfect wine pairing : There’s something truly hedonistic about biting into a big juicy slab of prime rib. It brings to mind the decadence of a royal feast. Prime rib is one of the most tender, flavorful, and expensive cuts of beef, so it deserves a wine that won’t wimp out against all that flavor. A good Cabernet is a prime candidate for prime rib, but I find that what really does prime rib justice is Petite Sirah. Not to be confused with Syrah, Petite Sirah is originally from France where it is known as Durif. But Petite Sirah thrives in California where the grapes produce deep, inky wines that go great with beef. On the vine, Petite Sirah is a small grape that produces an intense flavor with high tannins and good acidity due to its high skin to juice ratio. This is extremely important for a cut of meat that has such a high fat content—the acid slices through the richness of the fat while the tannins mellow against the heaviness of the beef. One Petite Sirah I’m a big fan of is made by Frog’s Leap in Rutherford. Frog’s Leap has been a reputable winery for years, producing high quality wines through sustainable organic agriculture. While the majority of their wines are relatively large production and easy to obtain, they make little more than 700 cases of their Petite Sirah and sell most of it at the winery. But the Frog's Leg Petite is well worth seeking out. Big and brawny, the wine exhibits wine exhibits dark berry fruit, tobacco, and a kick of black pepper spice—the perfect match for a thick slice of prime rib. - Kareasa Wilkins , Wine Consultant for Weimax Wines & Spirits in Burlingame, CA and an IntoWine Featured Writer

Best Wine to Pair with Egg Dishes asked our experts to recommend great wines to pair with eggs. Whether you're enjoying a breakfast scramble or a lunchtime cobb salad, try pairing one of these wines with your egg dishes: For almost the same price you'll pay for those fresh eggs from Farmer Bob at the Saturday market...

Best Wine to Pair with Chocolate Desserts

Chocolate desserts are the pinnacle of gustatory decadence, but not every wine can stand up to their richness. We asked our panel of experts what they’d recommend to sip alongside chocolate desserts: There is a wide variety of wines that could be matched with chocolate desserts. I have 2 styles of...

Best Wine to Pair with Thai Food

Thai food has a robust array of spices that begs for a crisp, bright wine to complement and enhance its complex flavor palate. We asked our panel of experts what they’d recommend to sip alongside thai food : Thai food and aromatic wines from Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris are the more obvious...

Best Wine to Pair with Camembert Cheese

Camembert cheese is a cow's milk cheese with a creamy texture and a bloomy white rind. It begins as a relatively mild semi-soft wheel, but grows runnier and more robustly flavored with age. We asked our panel of experts what they’d recommend to sip alongside this exceptionally rich French cheese: