Ah, rosé. For many people it seems at best to be a wanna-be red wine with training wheels; at worst it’s a sugar and strawberry one trick pony pink wine. But great rosé can be one of those go-to wines that accompany a delirious number of foods. But - just try finding a good one, right? Well, the Triennes Rosé enters this conversation and, voilà, you find yourself nearly speechless. Composed of 60% Cinsault along with Grenache, Syrah and Merlot, all harvested at night to retain better flavors, the Triennes, located in Aix-en-Provence, near Marseille is what rosé is really all about – poise, confidence, flavor and diversity. These hillside vines with southern exposure are grown in clay and limestone soils and result in an initial burst of distinct summery strawberry-lime notes with driving acidity and minerality along with muted flavors of kiwi lime, lingonberry, golden delicious apple, kefir and lemon curd. This is a true standout in the world of rosé and at a cost that makes this wine even more impressive.  It’s perfect for summer, yes, however this is a terrific everyday wine and ideal for the holiday months.

Origin: Provence, France
Average Price:  $17/ 750ML
Alcohol: 13%
Pair With: Spinach salads, sauced dishes and pasta, grilled fish, lamb.
Website: http://www.triennes.com/en

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