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Riedel Wine Glasses: Stemware that is Changing the Way the World Tastes Wine

Profile of Riedel Glas Austria

One of the most influential companies in the world of wine has never produced wine at all.  In fact, Riedel Glas Austria got its start several centuries ago, refining glassware and making window panes.  Today, Riedel is widely considered to have forever changed the way the world tastes wine.

Tips for the Micro-Winery: Creating and Following a Successful Wine Program

It’s December. The cellar is quiet. The cacophony of harvest has faded. The wines have completed primary fermentation and are finishing in barrel. Now, we begin the slow journey through elevage – making decisions that will effect a wine’s arc of potability. It sounds like a heady task, but following a few very simple routines can result in a successful wine program.

Bottling Tips for the Micro-Winery: How to Bottle Wine

Choosing when to bottle a wine is one of the most important, nerve-wracking, and satisfying decisions a winemaker will make for any one vintage.

Hillsborough Winery: A Virginia Wine Profile

Loudoun County in Virginia is roughly 5,300 miles from Istanbul, Turkey and frankly there are few similarities, if any. But Virginia is where the father and son team of Bora and Kerem Baki set up Hillsborough Winery and Vineyards in 2003. Bora, a native of Turkey, emigrated to the U.S. in 1979 and, since he had family in Virginia, he came here. “I had a cousin here, like every immigrant. I’m very happy I chose this area, because I hate earthquakes,” he says referring to several devastating earthquakes in Istanbul he went through.

Saint Patrick's Day: Irish Food & Wine Pairing Suggestions

“Irish”  Cuisine Paired with Winning Wines and Festive Films

Let’s talk Ireland and wine. Ireland and wine? The phrase does not roll trippingly off the tongue. Yet after years of being a beer nation, Ireland is birthing more and more inhabitants inexplicably enamored with wine. Total wine sales more than quadrupled between 1990 and 2007. What’s going on?

Cheap Wine: Seattle's Fremont Wine Warehouse Delivers Bargain Wine for Recession Burdened Wine Enthusiasts

Cheap Wine is Au Courant 

With all our economic woes, it is nice to know you can cut back on wine, without having to “cut back on wine,” if you know what I mean.  Bargains are everywhere these days, with many premium wines actually lowering their prices to retail outlets.  But you can also find excellent quality wines and hidden gems in the under $25 range. And my philosophy is that price does not always dictate quality when it comes to good wine.

Pennsylvania Wines: Adding the Numbers at Winfield Winery

Pennsylvania doesn’t spring to mind when you think of wine, and yet there are 140 wineries in the state. Equally important is that William Penn, for whom the state was named, planted the very first vinifera vines in America in 1683, and that the very first commercial vineyard in the U.S. was planted by the Pennsylvania Wine Company in 1793. Therefore, it all begins to add up.

New Jersey Wine's Rise to Quality: Alba Vineyards

It might seem surprising to know that New Jersey, the self proclaimed Garden State, is actually fairly prolific in producing wine. Whereas the majority of wines coming from New Jersey are sweet, native grapes like catawba, vidal blanc and concord, a few wineries are upping the ante for the lucrative wine game on the East Coast. Alba Vineyards are currently on an aggressive growth streak with a wide portfolio of wines that are winning medals at diverse competitions like the Finger Lakes Wine Competition the, Dallas Morning News Wine Competition and the Los Angeles Wine Competition.

Find Alba Vineyard Wines 

Green Wineries: Three Eclectic Examples


From large to small, northern California wineries are starting to color their operations green, whether by organically growing their grapes, practicing sustainable activities or creating biodynamic environments.

Laely Heron on Sexto, Balance, Wanderlust & the Evolution of a Cult Winemaker

Laely Heron (Click Image to Enlarge)Laely Heron's life reads like that of a character in a James Bond flick. Raised by adventure seeking parents, Laely spent her childhood moving from one exciting place to another -Algeria one year, Singapore the next- with over a dozen different places of residence by the time she graduated high school. College found Laely at the University of Colorado but wanderlust soon took her to Bordeaux to study oenology. The end result was a young woman with a nose for the unique customs, flavors, and scents that differentiate cultures. Not surprisingly, a wine career ensued. Adventurous, entrepreneurial, talented, ambitious and, let’s face it, stunningly beautiful, the only thing missing is a secret identity and a pistol in her boot and Laely Heron could very well be a Bond girl.

Action flicks aside, today Laely Heron is pushing the envelope in the wine industry as she endeavors to reshape the image of the “cult“ winemaker as one who makes high quality, ambitious, and affordable wines. Thanks to Laely for chatting with IntoWine.

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