Maria Ross is a wine lover who knows enough to be dangerous but not enough to stop learning from experienced sommeliers and vintners. She first sampled wine at big Italian family holidays and worked her way up from White Zinfandels to robust Cabernets and everything in between by traipsing through Napa, Sonoma, Livermore, and any vineyard she can get her hands on. Recently transplanted from San Francisco to Seattle, she can be seen out and about sipping and smiling as she experiments with Washington wine. Maria runs Red Slice, a branding and marketing agency that helps wine-related businesses tell their unique story and attract new loyalists. Maria is also a local actress and freelance writer who has written winery and food reviews for San Francisco Downtown and Dining Out SF.

If there’s a wine you have a hankering to learn about or anything else that strikes your fancy, please drop her an email at [email protected].

17 years 3 months