Three Sticks Pinot Noir, Sonoma Ciast

One sip and you realize this is a different kind of Pinot Noir than the norm. If you know Sonoma Coast Pinot’s, they all have a rustic quality to them; a brambly component that sets them apart from the overt fruity Pinot, and this is a good thing. This certainly offers red raspberry and wild cherry, touches of huckleberry and gooseberry, but it is that resin/bramble/wild berry note that makes this a unique and fun wine. Certainly this wine is not for everyone, the acidity is higher than most Pinot’s, but it immediately begs for food. The tannic structure is a bit more complex here, but not overtly noticeable. This is more of an adventure wine – a wine that detours from the traditional and a wine that takes you down a path - and that path leads to Gap’s Crown and you’ll realize this was a good road (and wine) to choose. ORIGIN: Sonoma Coast. ALCOHOL: 14%

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