What begins as a soft and velvety Pinot Noir, light and delicate, turns to a beautifully structured wine that offers excellent fruit, acidity, light tannins and layers of flavor. Typical of many Pinots, this begins with noticeable strawberry, red raspberry and black cherry notes, but then delves into more complex, green tea leaf, cedar plank, wild grass, light earthiness, cola, rhubarb and a hint of resin. At first blush this seems like a lovely Pinot Noir to have with dinner, but upon spending time with it, you realize the various facets. Even the acidity at first seems mild, but then you realize it has a cunning trick – keeping the acidity upfront, and potent, without realizing it’s really there. The judicious use of oak is merely a supporting player and the whole of the wine is superb. Using a blend of clones 115, 828, 667 and 943, winemaker Steve Rogstad has created a wine that asks you for time. This is a wine to spend time with - a few hours at least - and watch it unfold. It is not to be rushed, and like all things that take time, you are rewarded for a long time. ORIGIN: Napa Valley, Los Carneros. ALCOHOL: 14.5%

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