This is a reasonably priced Sparkling Rosé from California (prior versions carried a Napa designation).  It is non-vintage.  Off the top, it is nice that it is the same price as the white version.  It makes no sense that so many sparkling wines charge a premium for a Rosé.  The packaging is quite nice. It is a blend of 65 percent Chardonnay and 35 percent Pinot Noir. The wine is light golden in color.  Not that color is critical, but everyone tasting this commented that it had, maybe, just the slightest shade of pink.  Maybe not.  I called it light gold.  Nevertheless, it has a nice mousse with lots of small to medium sized bubbles.  The nose has red apples with slight strawberry notes.  On the palate, this is round with a lot of acidity.  There is an orange rind note on the palate along with red apples.  The finish is moderate with a bit of a bitter note that is often found in dry Rosés.  It really worked better with food than on its own.  Salmon would be a great pairing.  Start the night with the Blanc de Blanc version for toasting, and serve this one with dinner.  It probably should be consumed in the next year or two.  

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