This is the first Chardonnay-centric sparkler MacRostie has ever made and, as an inaugural effort, they nailed it, creating a lovely wine that is complex and just plain enjoyable to drink. This is a soft, velvety sparkler that drinks incredibly smoothly. The carbonation is fairly mild, a plus in that we get more of the aromas and flavors of the wine than it being obstructed by bubbles. Soft baked bread, light lemon-lime, whispers of resin, grapefruit, white peach and Asian pear fill the palate. Comprised entirely of Chardonnay, it was aged in older French oak barrels to allow the wine to age without imparting much oak, thus retaining a bright crisp taste. Considering its price, it drinks well above that and the MacRostie team should be proud of their foray into Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. ORIGIN: Sonoma. ALCOHOL: 13.5%

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