Kite Tail has always been a very expressive Chardonnay and this iteration is no exception. It deviates from traditional Chardonnay and delves into richer, more mature elements. What’s surprising then is that this iteration has less oak and less malolactic time than previous versions. Yet this still retails a wonderful acidity, character and aroma, not to mention a palate experience that brings in oak-like notes, without the cumbersome oak heaviness. All estate grown, all Chardonnay, this offers a nose of soft muted lemon, resin and butterscotch/gardenia. The first sip offers mature notes of baked biscuits, light guava, crème brulee, amber and frothed milk. Cuvaison has, once again, created a terrific Chardonnay, one that will certainly please all levels of Chardonnay drinkers. ORIGIN: Los Carneros/Napa Valley. ALCOHOL: 14%

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