Treasure Hunter is a winery that searches for declassified juice (I am not sure if they also buy grapes) from wineries and restaurants that have unsold barrels at a large discount.  They maintain the integrity  of the winery by not divulging their sources.  In some years, this can be better than others.  It all depends on whether there is a grape glut or scarceness, though it should be said, that these wines are for the most part of top quality for their respective price points.  Which brings us to this wine.  This is a very nice, bigger, RRV Chardonnay.  Golden in color with a slight copper tint (which usually means some barrel ageing).  The nose has slight lemon peel, smoke and fresh cut lumber.  A nice backbone of acidity.  There is some slight heat on the finish.  Overall, an outstanding Chard especially for those who like a bit of that "Toasty oak".  It drinks well on its own and will work well with lighter foods or fowl dishes.  It should be good drinking for the next five years at least.   


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