This is the base Chardonnay from one of the best producers of Chardonnay in California.  It is really classic California in style, yet everything is in proportion and works.  It is a great example of how good an oaked Chardonnay can be and not be over oaked.  The winery uses no new oak, yet the barrels leave and impression as does just a hint of butter on the nose.  Golden in color.  The nose is so pretty with peaches, crème brûlée, a bit of buttered popcorn, and lemon peel.  On the palate, this is crisp with peach, lemon and slight vanilla.  Medium to full bodied.  Good acidity.  Nice finish.  It is delicious on its own but will work well with veggies or seafood.  This probably will improve a bit but its going to be hard to not drink these young while waiting on the single vineyard wines.  Available for around $30, that is a screaming value for Chardonnay this good.  Serve it your wine friends who insist that this style of Chardonnay can't be good or to your friends who love this style.  Both will likely love it.  

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