Terrific vintage. This is 90% Sangiovese with the rest Colorino and Canaiolo.  Deep ruby in color with black swirls.  Mostly clear and bright.  The nose has black cherries, slight anise and slight black tea leaves.  On the palate, this has a wonderful velvety texture.  Its delicious but still quite young with firm tannins.  Lots of black cherry fruit, some tart cherries especially on the finish.  Forest sticks and twigs if that makes sense.  The fruit is very ripe but not over ripe.  The bottle lists 15% ABV which is pretty high for Chianti.  There is some warmth on the finish.  A very concentrated wine.  If opening soon, give it a nice decant.  This will need another five to seven years to get close to peak and should be good for another ten to twelve after that.  This drinks great on its own and would be great next to a fire.  For now, it will take bigger food but should calm down with some ageing to work well with most foods.  A unique take on CCR to be sure.  

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