This is a project from former baseball manager Tommy Lasorda.  I was a bit skeptical about it but this is good.  It retails for around $20 which makes this a great bargain in the world of California Chardonnay as well.  Pop and pour, it drank well although did improve for the first 30 minutes or so before plateauing until the bottle was emptied.   Light gold/green in color.  The nose is nice with grapefruit and slight vanilla.  Neutral oak barrels were used but there are some very pleasant oak remnants if light.  With air some green apples pop out as well.  On the palate, this has nice acidity.  Slightly tart in a good way.  Grapefruit on the attack, an herbal note mid palate, and green apples on the finish.  Some complexity.  A bit warming on the finish although only 13.5% Alc on the label.  Very refreshing.  All in all, a very nice bottle of Chardonnay that is food friendly but drinks well on its own.  And with a nice story especially if you are a baseball lover.