At a recent tasting of multiple Chardonnays, this was the crowd favorite and most were priced well above this one.  It retails for around $15, but can be found for as low as $10.  The back label says it is a throwback to the oaked and buttery Chardonnays of the past.  Perhaps, but most people seemed to find just a hint of those qualities and that was a good thing.  It was different than what the crowd described as over oaked and too buttery.  While the crowd may have liked it more than I, it is a very nice wine and a great value and quite enjoyable.  The color is light gold, hay and slight green swirls.  Very pretty.  On the nose, there are grapefruits, powdered lemon candy and an herbal note (fresh chevril?) that is very interesting.  Slightly oily texture which is nice.  The grapefruit carries thru.  There is a touch of sweetness and little acidity.  I might prefer a bit drier and racier, that is a subjective thing.  It is quite tasty.  The finish is a bit chalky with slight almond notes.  This drinks easy but has some complexity.  It is very nice on its own and will work with lighter foods. This probably should be drunk in the next year or two to enjoy its freshness.  Great value.  

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