I am a big fan of the Helen Keplinger wines.  This one is 84% Petite Sirah, 13% Syrah, and 3% Viognier.  It does need some cellaring or lots of air if serving now, but it is delicious.  Inky purple in color, opaque and bright.  The nose has black raspberries, blueberries, smoke, slight charred earth and black pepper.  On the palate, this is a big wine, but has great delineation.  Layers, tightly packed of blueberries, black raspberries and charred wood.  Great energy.  This probably needs about five to eight more years until peak and should drink beautifully for ten to twelve after that.  It will work great on its own but also grilled and roasted meats, fowl or veggies.  

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