Wow.  Dark purple in color, to the rim.  What a great nose.  The kind of nose one could just sniff all evening.  Cassis, graphite, slight chocolate, slight cedar and slight spice.  The nose itself it big but not overblown.  On the palate, the texture is gorgeous.  Seamless, velvety and round yet muscular enough.  Layers of fruit tightly layered with chocolate and slight dry earth.  Complex and deep.  Dee-licious.  Gulpable but then it demands attention.  Medium tannins.  Long finish.  This will require bigger foods and meat but this is a classic Napa Cab to just drink by itself.  It is that delicious yet that hard to gain synergy with food.  Now, for some that is something they are not looking for in a wine so subtract a few points.  For others, that is just fine.  

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