Opened for our 27th Anniversary.  At age 27, this wine is doing well.  Of course, when a wine gets this old, every bottle is different.  This was a good, if  not great bottle.  Opened an allowed to breathe for 30 minutes, then enjoyed over the next couple of hours.  Deep ruby in color.  The nose has cassis, rust, and slight brown sugar.  The last two suggest a slight oxidation and slight exposure to heat.  It was better, however, on the palate.  Deep and complex with slight layers of cassis and earth.  There was a hint of oxidation on the palate as well but the fruit was still youthful enough to overcome that.  Good acidity as well.  The wine worked well with a variety of meat and mushroom based dishes.  It was quite enjoyable despite the minor flaws.  At this point, the ageability is a crap shoot from bottle to bottle.  

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