What a pretty Zinfandel.  Not a monster in any way.  Ruby in color, mostly clear and bright.  Rather light looking, just on appearance I would not have guessed Zinfandel.  On the nose, this has raspberries, slight cherries, a bit of bramble, black pepper and vanilla.  The label lists this as 17.3% Alcohol.  Whoa.  Not a trace on the nose or palate though.  Even the texture, which can be bolstered by alcohol, doesn't reveal the high level.  The palate does give cherries, slight Framboise, with underlying char.  There is depth and complexity here.  And deliciousness.  I would guess that this will age quite well although there will undoubtedly be detractors who complain about the alcohol levels.  At age 8, there is no sign of age.  It went well with a stuffed eggplant (vegetarian) dish and would work well with roasts or grilled foods.  

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