A stunning wine if still a bit young.  In a day when Grand Cru Burgs are priced crazily, this is about the best one that is almost affordable.  It certainly is not your typical Chablis in profile either.  Golden in color.  Not dark but not light either.  No noticeable oxidation.  The nose has peaches, slight chalk and a bit of pepper/spice.  On the palate, the peaches carry thru over a concentrated minerality.  Great round texture.  Good acidity but not bracing.  Nice finish.  In general, this is a big round wine that is just delicious.  Went well with St. Andre cheese and will work with most foods other than meat-centric dishes.  It drinks young still but given its age, probably close to peak.  Still, it easily has a ten to fifteen years at its top.  


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