Barolo's, like most wines, are available in wide price points and quality levels.  Savvy shoppers can often find some of the mid-range producers at less expensive pricing and that can be a nice buying opportunity.  This is one that fits into that category.  It cost about $30 just a few years ago.  It was young and needed some time, but for this class of Barolo, ten years is a good time to check in.  And this is drinking very nicely now.  Ruby in color, clear and bright.  The nose is pretty with cherries, slight roses and tar.  Medium bodied.  Medium tannins that increase with air.  Nice fresh cherry fruit, some dried cherries with an underlying earthiness.  Some depth and complexity.  Nice acidity and balance.  This is close enough to peak now, but will easily hold another five to seven more years.  It drinks better with food, but makes nice sipping after dinner is thru.  Pasta in a cream sauce or anything mushroom is a good match.  

Current Price: 

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