What an interesting wine.  This is basically a Finger Lakes take on a Fino Sherry or Fortified Jura, France wine.  It comes in a squat bottle.  Although first made in 2008 (the only vintage so far), it was just released in January, 2019.  It is a fortified and oxidized style of wine.  It is very dry.  Deep golden in color with a slight orange hue.  The nose shows oxidation along with a nuttiness (almonds?) and slight orange/citrus.  On the palate, this is tart in a way that Fino Sherry is not.  It is dry and oxidized but a much fatter wine than its Euro counterparts.  The orange notes carry thru to the palate, in sort of a tart orange quality.  Dry finish.  Like Fino Sherry, this begs for salty foods.  It is very unique and also enjoyable for sipping.  It won't be for everyone palate but food does help.  Reasonably priced for what it is.  

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