This is certainly one of the stars of its region.  While not in the category of Haut Brion, neither is the pricing.  Of course, it is not inexpensive either.  This bottle was purchased on release.  It was allowed to breathe for an hour and then consumed over the next few.  Still on the young side, it offers up plenty of enjoyment right now.  If you have a few, go ahead.  If you just have one or two, then it's a hold.  Purple in color.  The nose has cassis, black cherries, some cedar, spice and a bit of minerality.  On the palate, light tannins.  Tight layers that unwind in the glass of cassis, minerality and spice.  It is also delicious.  Long finish.  It will go well with roasts and cassoulets.  It is still probably five to ten years from peak and should be good for another ten to twenty after that.  This wine is built for the long haul.  

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