Shafer Hillside Select is one of the great wines in Napa and the world.  It is priced accordingly, but every once in a while, it is worth splurging on a bottle with friends.  This bottle was decanted for sediment (there was very little) and allowed to breathe in the cellar for four hours prior to consuming.  A magnificent showing for this wine from admittedly, not one of their best vintages.  Purple in color with some ruby hues to it.  The nose is wonderful with cassis, slight pencil lead, a bit of coffee grounds and a slight salinity.  On the palate, lots of cassis.  Deep with layers of graphite and minerals.  A great smooth and supple texture.  Great finish.  This wine is at peak right now but should be at this level for a decade.  It will go well with roasted meats or veggies but it will command your attention, so it will also work on its own.  Frankly, given that the current vintage goes for $305 and this can be found for around $100 less, why not buy this one?

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