About ten years ago, a west coast retailer dumped these on the market.  And, I mean dumped.  About $15 a bottle.  Never knew why but bought some anyway as did lots of others.  It seems that has tainted the perception of this wine as every time people open one, the story is told and the comments factor in the price.  Frankly, that does this wine a dis-service.  At age 13, from a solid vintage, this wine is drinking quite well and appears to be at peak.  Pale ruby in color.  The nose is earthy, slightly dishwater with good fresh cherries as well.  On the palate, this is clean with cherries, macerated cherries and some earthiness.  It is not layered nor complex but it does have a certain depth that gets the attention of the drinker.  Good finish.  Not a ton of acidity but this will work well with lighter meat or heavier seafood and fowl dishes.  No real hurry but it won't get better.  Not sure what the original price on this was but for $19 delivered, this was an amazing value.