Great showing for this bottle.  This is a big, round white Burgundy that at age 21, is just about at peak.  Deep golden in color with some orange hues, clear and bright.  The color likely influenced by both the time spent in oak and the age of the wine, but certainly proper.  The nose is nice with red apples, with air, some lemon cream, just a very slight brown sugar note, and great minerality.  Almost viscous, but crisp at the same time gives this a nice texture. On the palate, the lemon cream steps up more along with the great acidity.  Plenty of depth, the still tight layers unwind in the glass.  Long finish.  This was pop and pour and needed about 20 or 30 minutes to really get going.  This is great on its own and very food friendly.  It was robust enough to stand up to General Tso's Cauliflower.  It won't get better but this should still have another decade if the provenance is good.