Yowza.  This is certainly a step up from the 2000 P2 and the regular 2002 version of this wine.  The P2 signifies that is saw about another 8 years of bottle ageing (under cork) before its final dosage.  The dosage is also less sugar than the regular version.  Just a stunning and youthful wine.  Light golden in color.  The nose is great.  It has this quality not too unlike homemade pie dough.  Not yeasty but doughy.  Also some tart lemons and minerals.  On the palate, this has a lemon candy quality with minerals underneath.  Tart lemons on the finish.  This is persistent and lengthy and seems to increase in intensity at first.  This is great on its own and will work with just about any food.  Going back to an ounce in my glass after it warmed and sat for a few hours it was even better.  Give this wine another five years and it likely merits a 100 score.  It should be great drinking for the next twenty.  A real treat to try!

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