This is a late release in which Moet leaves some vintage wine stored on its lees for 16 years before release.  It retails for around $325.  Light golden in color.  There is a nice frothy mousse with lots of small-ish bubbles.  On the nose, slightly soapy with minerals.  A bit of lemon peel.  With air, a bit of yeast comes out.  On the palate, the yeasty dough quality returns.  There is a very nice underlying minerality.  A creamy texture.  While this has good acidity, not the screaming acidity of the original release.  Age has mellowed it out.  This is very food friendly.  It is uncertain how this will age but should certainly be good for a decade or more.  It is a bit hard to justify the added tariff for ageing this, however, when the 2002 comes, that might be a different story.  

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