This is the luxury cuvee of Moet & Chandon.  It might be the most well known of all of the luxury cuvees.  The amazing thing is that they make 5 million bottles of this wine every time they produce it.  Of course, it is not produced in every vintage.  They have made a 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009 and now this 2008.  So, it is made almost every year.  The 2008 is special though.  it is probably the best vintage since 1996.  It is expensive, but for a top notch luxury Champagne it is reasonable.  If you do open a bottle, pay attention.  Don't just open to start a night and let the festivities distract you too much from appreciating the wine.  This is gorgeous.  Light golden in color.  A beautiful mousse with lots of tiny bubbles.  The nose has lemon peel, great minerality, a touch of hay with underlying charcoal.  On the palate, this is incredibly smooth and seamless.  Minerals intertwined with lemons with a great acidity.  A long, long finish.  It is still very concentrated and tight and needs some time.  If opening now, it would not be a bad idea to allow to breathe for a couple of hours, but this won't peak for another five to ten years and be good for ten after that.  If you, like me, enjoy some oxidized qualities then this will go another twenty.  

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