This is one of the better vintages of Dom Perignon.  It is truly amazing to make a wine of this quality at the amount of quantity they make.  Drink alongside some other 2008 heavyweights, and this more than held its own.  Light golden in color with a touch of green, clear and bright.  Lovely mousse with lots of small bubbles.  The nose has brioche, lemons and smoke.  Very big and powerful.  On the palate, tart lemons over a nice minerality.  Great mouthfeel.  So smooth and easy to drink.  Yet, deep and complex.  Starting to get past the baby stage and flexing some muscles at this point.  Great streak of acidity keeps everything fresh.  Long finish.  Gorgeous wine that drinks well today and will for a couple of decades.  Goes with just about any food from a salad to a steak.  

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