Bohemian Vineyard LogoIntoWine recently caught up with Bohemian Vineyard owner Sue Cleary to discuss their venture into winemaking: 

What inspired the name Bohemian Vineyard?

Bohemian Vineyard is located on Bohemian Hwy in Freestone Valley.  Bohemian means a free spirit and artist which we thought would be the perfect name for our unique wine.

How did your foray into winemaking come about?

Our main goal was to produce a premium grape and in doing so the vineyard became very well know throughout the Russian River Valley.  A winemaker approached us and convinced us we could make an excellent Pinot Noir and we have continued to do so for the past few years.

Describe your winemaking philosophy.

The best wine comes from the best grapes and we have managed to produce the finest grapes in the valley.

The Bohemian Vineyard Pinot Noir was recently reviewed on IntoWineTV, watch now

Why the focus on Pinot Noir?

Freestone area is perfect for growing Pinot Noir.  It was the right decision. When it comes to winemaking, what’s one thing you know now that you wish you had known before your started? We have had a great experience with our wine and have no regrets.

A hot topic in wine circles is the “Parkerization” of wines.  Some people claim his 100 point scoring system has been an enabling factor for consumers as they navigate the endless array of brands from which they can choose.  Others claim his influence has negatively impacted wine quality as producers are increasingly crafting their wines to earn a high score from Parker at the expense of making the best wine they can with the fruit and resources they have available.  Given this, what are your thoughts on Parker and the 100 point scoring system?

It has been proven all pallets are different.  Men and Women especially can have totally opposite likes and dislikes.  Parker’s 100 point system is a great way to decide which wines to choose from but in the end it is what you like that counts.

Where can your wines be purchased?

Restaurants: Bacar, SF, Carnelian Room, SF, Cosmopolitan, SF, Momo’s, SF, Sen’s, SF and Lavanda, Palo Alto

Wine Bars and Retailers: San Francisco Wine Trading Company, SF, Wine Bar & Shop, SF, Wine Styles, SF, Zain’s Liquor, SF, Sonoma Fine Wine, Occidental, Sophie’s Cellars, Monte Rio, Vine & Barrel, Petaluma, Half Wit, Kenwood Inn & Spa, Kenwood, Mountain Winery, Saratoga