Wine Guide Books

Andrea Immer's Wine Buying Guide for Everyone by Andrea Immer, Anthony Giglio (Editor)

The Ultimate Buying Guide to America's Most Popular and Accessible Wines

Wine Chronicles: Writing Your Own Fine Wine Book by Greg Moore

This sophisticated and practical cloth journal is the perfect place to keep track of purcha

How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine by Jancis Robinson

Hailed by Paul Levy in The Wall Street Journal as "our cleverest, most thoughtful wine writer," Jancis Robinson makes learning about wine almost as enjoyable as drinking it. With How to Taste, she's put together a unique wine-tasting course based on practical exercises that appeal to wine connoisseurs of all levels.

The World of Wine - Boxed Set: The World Atlas of Wine and The Story of Wine

 This luxury box-set includes two of the world's most successful and bestselling wine books by the two foremost wine writers on t

Wine Spectator's Essentials of Wine: A Guide to the Basics by Harvey Steiman

The experts at Wine Spectator magazine contribute their knowledge and insight to this ultimate resource for oenophiles.

The Wine Avenger by Willie Gluckstern

It stands to reason that if our foods are now lighter and more dynamic, our wines should be also.

A longtime champion of the victimized wine consumer, Willie Gluckstern debunks the myths and misinformation surrounding the (allegedly) complex subject of wine.

Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide - 6th Edition by Robert M. Parker, Jr. with Pierre-Antoine Rovani

The Complete, Easy-To-Use Reference on Recent Vintages, Prices, and Ratings for More Than 8,000 Wines from All the Major Wine Regions

Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide - 5th Edition by Robert M. Parker Jr.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this fifth edition of the Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide has been eagerly awaited by seasoned collectors and occasional drinkers alike. No one wants to waste his or her precious dollars on an unenjoyable bottle, and with Parker's advice in hand, no one ever will.

Wine For Dummies by Ed McCarthy, Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Piero Antinori

The nation's most popular wine primer is now even better. Wine experts Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Ed McCarthy have revised this friendly, unintimidating guide to cover all the latest developments in the wine world: which wine regions are now hot (and which are not), information on new rules for shipping wine and the new vogue for screw-caps, and, of course, updates on vintages, producers, and wine resources on the Web.

Exploring Wine: The Culinary Institute of America's Complete Guide to Wines of the World - 2nd Edition

Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith and Michael A. Weiss

From The Publisher:
Three renowned wine experts take you on a glorious and grand tour of the wines of the world in Exploring Wine. An essential and dynamic reference for wine lovers as well as seasoned professionals, this compelling volume penetrates the mystique surrounding wine, freeing you to explore with confidence.

Exploring wine demystifies wine as it follows the exciting path from the vine to the table. The book begins by focusing on the basics: grape growing and wine making, an ideal starting point -and compass-for your journey. Next, you will learn how to fine-tune your senses to develop your own approach to the pleasures of wine as the authors explain what to look for in the glass appearance, aroma and bouquet, and, of course, taste.

Exploring wine visits the major and minor wine-producing regions in the Old World and the New World, providing a comprehensive working knowledge of the history, geography, wine laws, vineyards, producers, and styles of wines produced in each region. Featuring detailed, specially commissioned full-color maps and beautiful color photographs mostly from the authors own archives along with extensive highlighted interviews with the people who make up the modern global wine business, Exploring Wine brings complex subject matter to life with grace and style.

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