Thoroughly revised and updated, this fifth edition of the Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide has been eagerly awaited by seasoned collectors and occasional drinkers alike. No one wants to waste his or her precious dollars on an unenjoyable bottle, and with Parker's advice in hand, no one ever will.

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Employing his famous 100-point rating system and copious tasting notes, Parker evaluates more than 8,000 wines of recent vintage from all the major wine-producing regions in the world. More than 3,000 specific growers and producers from the world's leading viticultural areas are evaluated separately, and Parker's independence from the trade allows him to be completely honest in his opinions.

This latest edition has been revised, updated, and expanded to offer increased coverage of Australia, the Burgundy region of France, California, and the Pacific Northwest. While continuing to provide the most extensive and authoritative reviews in the world of the wines of all regions covered previously, Parker has also added coverage of Austria for the first time ever.

In addition to the valuable ratings information, Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide includes all the information today's consumer needs in order to select the perfect bottle, store it, spot a badly stored and abused bottle, and find the best wine values. Quite simply, Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide is the indispensable resource on wine from America's most knowledgeable and influential authority on the subject.

About the Author
Robert M. Parker, Jr., has been the author and publisher of The Wine Advocate for twenty-four years. He is also the author of the following internationally bestselling as well as award-winning books: Burgundy, Bordeaux, The Wines of the Rh�ne Valley, and Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide. He is the first wine writer (and one of only a few foreigners) to receive both of France's highest honors, knighthoods in the National Order of Merit and the Legion of Honor. He lives in Maryland.

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