Exploring Wine: The Culinary Institute of America's Complete Guide to Wines of the World - 2nd Edition

Steven Kolpan, Brian H. Smith and Michael A. Weiss Description From The Publisher: Three renowned wine experts take you on a glorious and grand tour of the wines of the world in Exploring Wine. An essential and dynamic reference for wine lovers as well as seasoned professionals, this compelling volume penetrates the mystique surrounding wine, freeing you to explore with confidence. Exploring wine demystifies wine as it follows the exciting path from the vine to the table. The book begins by focusing on the basics: grape growing and wine making, an ideal starting point -and compass-for your journey. Next, you will learn how to fine-tune your senses to develop your own approach to the pleasures of wine as the authors explain what to look for in the glass appearance, aroma and bouquet, and, of course, taste. Exploring wine visits the major and minor wine-producing regions in the Old World and the New World, providing a comprehensive working knowledge of the history, geography, wine laws, vineyards, producers, and styles of wines produced in each region. Featuring detailed, specially commissioned full-color maps and beautiful color photographs mostly from the authors own archives along with extensive highlighted interviews with the people who make up the modern global wine business, Exploring Wine brings complex subject matter to life with grace and style.

The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

The Wine Bible is like a lively course from an expert teacher, grounded deeply in the fundamentals and enriched with passionate opinions, asides, tips, anecdotes, definitions, glossaries, illustrations, maps, charts, and wine labels-everything, in fact, but the actual wine itself. Beginning with the basics of mastering wine-how to taste with focus and build a wine-tasting memory, understanding the subtle interplay of variety, vineyard, and vintner to demystifying the issue of vintages-it covers the essentials: The emotion and intrigue of Burgundy. Rhone's untamed reds. The flinty pleasures of sauvignon blanc and surprising delicacy of Spain's Riojas. Bordeaux, the largest fine wine vineyard on the globe and epitome of terroir. Fourteen Sonoma wines to know. The importance of finish. Tuscany, kingom of variable microclimates. The precise and food-friendly wines of Germany. The narrow 30-mile stretch of ambition, experimentation, and surpassing quality called Napa. Why the "punt," or indentation in a wine bottle. Australia, where cutting-edge technology meets easy, outgoing, unpretentious character. Plus Austria, New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, and more.

Guide to Choosing, Serving & Enjoying Wine

Allen R. Balik and Virginia B. Morris Description From The Publisher: This sparkling guide uncorks the myths about choosing, serving, and enjoying wine. Serving up a rich mix of wine basics and colorful facts, the Guide shows you how to order wine in a restaurant, match wine with food, taste and judge wines, entertain guests at home, and even start your own wine collection. You'll also get the inside track, with a host of tips from famous winemakers and restaurateurs. And you'll impress everyone with your new-found flair with wine words, with help from the wine glossary and pronunciation chart.

Wine Spectator's Ultimate Guide to Buying Wine

Wine Spectator Description From The Publisher: Here's something no wine aficionado should be without. The experts at Wine Spectator magazine have tasted tens of thousands of wines to provide oenophiles with a complete reference of exceptional wines from around the world. Because it guides its readers to only the most satisfying selections, the Wine Spectator, one of the foremost publications on the subject of wine, is valued for the select reviews that appear in each issue. This comprehensive buying guide includes more than 10,000 listings, representing all recent vintages from 40 countries, organized by both wine and country of origin. Each entry includes a full review and rating. Make no mistake--these are the most interesting wines available, all rated on Wine Spectator's unique 100-point scale. This is the only volume that gathers all the results of the magazine staff's most current tastings into one convenient resource, and along with our other successful Wine Spectator titles, it's sure to be a strong addition to our successful wine and spirits category.

KISS Guide to Wine

Robert Joseph and Margaret Rand, Foreword by Robert Mondavi Description From The Publisher: The Keep It Simple Series , the greatest guides ever! Drink to your health and discover how wine can be good for you with DK's KISS Guide to Wine . You'll learn the basics from what wine to buy, where to buy it, and how to store it, to finding out which glasses, corkscrews, and other wine gadgets are the best to use. Savor and appreciate the basic styles of wine, from soft and fruity to heavy and rich. Enter the new world of high-tech wine production and compare it with the ancient methods. Master the art of tasting wine and discover the best food and wine combinations. The Keep It Simple Series is the new standard in how-to books! Written by leading experts, each book includes full-color photographs and illustrations throughout, making these the first and only truly accessible guides for beginners. The KISS format is designed to help readers build confidence from the start, and learn gradually and thoroughly to the very last page. Much more than introductions to various subjects, these inspiring and innovative books are the ones that readers can trust!

The Oxford Companion to Wine

Jancis Robinson, A. Dinsmoor Webb, and Richard E. Smart - Editors Description From The Publisher: Hailed by Frank J. Prial in The New York Times as "a required reference for anyone who is serious about wine," and by Anthony Dias Blue as "one of the definitive reference books on the subject," The Oxford Companion to Wine won every major wine book award, including the Julia Child and the James Beard awards. Now, Jancis Robinson has completely revised this masterpiece, adding over 500 new entries and thoroughly updating most of the rest. Lavishly illustrated, with over 200 black and white pictures, 31 full color plates, and 31 maps of every wine region in the world, the Companion is the only wine volume to combine science, history, geography, wine varieties, social and cultural information, and much more. Ranging from Abruzzi and armagnac to Zimbabwe and Zinfandel, from Dionysian revels in ancient Greece to today's leading wine research centers, its 3,400 alphabetically arranged entries explore all aspects of wine, including the latest advances in viticulture and enology.

Wine: An Introduction

Joanna Simon, Ian O'Leary (Photographer) Description From The Publisher: From the grape to the glass -- a stylish, contemporary guide to experiencing the world of wine. Open the pages of this inspiring guide and you uncork the exciting world of wine. Award-winning wine writer Joanna Simon steers the reader through a tantalizing range of styles, grape varieties, and wine-producing regions and offers refreshingly down-to-earth advice on how to buy, taste, serve, and store wine for maximum enjoyment. Most of us would like to try a wider range of wines, but are reluctant to make an expensive mistake. Joanna Simon helps readers to experiment with confidence and taste new wines that are similar to those they already enjoy. So for instance, if you like Australian Chardonnay, you may also like white wines from Navarra in Spain, Chilean Semillon, or South African Chenin Blanc.