It stands to reason that if our foods are now lighter and more dynamic, our wines should be also.

A longtime champion of the victimized wine consumer, Willie Gluckstern debunks the myths and misinformation surrounding the (allegedly) complex subject of wine. His straightforward advice includes:

  • The wines that go BEST with food�and why.
  • A cure for label worship: "There are just as many lousy $60 bottles as $3.99 bottles."
  • How to avoid getting ripped off in stores and restaurants.
  • How to choose a great wineshop: "Do they know where Italy is?"
  • Dreary housekeeping tips, such as storage, decanting, saving opened wine, and "that sulfite thing."

Plus, the straight poop on oak, "the MSG of wine," a few well-chosen words for greedy restaurants and retailers ("Those bastards!"), and an unprecedented expos� of mass-market Champagne, including how to find the good stuff by cracking the secret label code.

Irreverent, informative, and controversial, The Wine Avenger is indispensable for beginners as well as enthusiasts.

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