It’s not that Malbec is a forgotten grape, it’s that it doesn’t get the love it deserves, and too often wineries seem to want it to taste like Cabernet. Enter Whitehall Lane, who makes this impressive Malbec that you will love - a Malbec that tastes like a Malbec should. The fruit is supported by a tannic structure that provides an earthiness and rusticity to it. Blackberry brambleberry, huckleberry and boysenberry all work together to create a rich wine that’s not over the top but not subdued either. The mid-palate reveals the wines’ acidity with notes of sandalwood and cocoa powder. And it is this mid-palate that reveals the true identity of this Malbec. Other wines would be flush with ripe fruit – but here there is a restrained quality - less fruit, more tannins and structure - which separates this from say, Cabernet. Just a scant one percent Merlot was blended in. Aged 20 months in oak, just 55% of that was new French, allows the wine to show off its complimentary parts. This is truly a terrific wine, one that showcases Malbec’s secret identity (that brambly, earthy quality), but one that also allows for a creative drinking experience with a wine that dares to be different. To put it simply, this wine, at this price, is a steal. ORIGIN: Rutherford, Napa Valley. ALCOHOL: 14.8%

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