This is another quality value from this Argentinian producer.  Made from a blend of organic grapes, it is 75% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir.  The Charmat method is utilized meaning that the bubbles are trapped in stainless steel tanks versus in the bottle.  While that does not have the tradition or "romance" of the Methode Champenois, to does allow for high quality wines at much more reasonable pricing.  And, this bottle is proof.  Golden in color, clear and bright.  The wine is frothy on opening with lots of small bubbles.  On the nose, there are lemons, lemon peel, and minerals.  Good acidity.  It comes off with a hint of sweetness on the attack.  Lemons and lemon candy.  Long finish.  Very tasty, it drinks well on its own or virtually any food.  Drink over the next couple of years.  

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