This bottle has some serious Brettanomyces issues.  I am usually pretty tolerant but this was near my limits.  Almost undrinkable on day one, it was allowed to breathe over night and while still present, it was tolerable (for me) on day 2.  Purple in color with some ruby hues, mostly clear and slightly flat.  On the nose, there is a lot of barnyard/band-aid aromas.  There is some fruit underneath but it is hard to get to.  On day two, the barnyard is more in the background and the nose is more about clay and band-aid along with some black cherries.  Medium bodied.  Light tannins.  On the palate, the barnyard is also present on day one forcing it to be shelved.  On day two, there is  some earthiness, light barnyard and a bit of black cherries.  This bottle has been well cellared since its arrival, so any bloom likely happened en route.  I have one more bottle that hopefully, did not see as much bloom.  No score or rating given.  

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