What a great showing for this wine.  This might be the best vintage of it to date.  It is 85% Zinfandel and 15% Petite Sirah and Syrah.  Purple in color, opaque and bright.  The nose has plums, black cherries, cedar and bramble.  The wine sees 25% new oak.  It has a soft and accessible texture.  Delicious.  It is a jammy styled Zinfandel with black cherry fruit and underlying minerality.  There is a bit of warmth (almost a burn) that is actually very nice on the finish.  Served with a wide variety of wines, this was the groups favorite for the night.  Like many of this wineries wines, prices vary dramatically around the country, so if you can, shop around.  It should make great drinking for the next three to five years.  It probably will be good after that as it fades and becomes more claret in style, but who knows.  It might be interesting to lay a bottle or two down.  This is a great match with ribs or wings or a steak but also roasted veggies.   

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