Interesting Trivia bit - The original owners of Lanmark were descendants of John Deere of Tractor fame.  Overlook was the name of John Deere's home in Illinois.  The wine is sourced from various locations around Sonoma County.  This is an outstanding value in Chardonnay.  They produce quite a bit of it yet manage to be very consistent from vintage to vintage and bottle to bottle.  It barrel fermented and spends 25% in new French oak.  The lees are stirred every two weeks as it goes thru full malolactic fermentation.  It is green/gold in color.  The nose is very nice with vanilla and peaches.  With air just a slight butterscotch emerges.  On the palate, this has a nice creamy texture.  The peaches come thru along with some pears.  There is some oak but it is not over bearing.  Slightly smoky and slight herbal notes.   Enough acidity to give it some energy.  Solid finish.  This is drinking great right now and should be for the next few years.  It would go well with fried chicken as well as the usual matches for Chardonnay such as sea food.  

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