This was a new wine for me.  It was very good, but also very unique and interesting.  The back label said it is made in the style of Nebbiolo that was consumed in the 17th and 18th centuries.  It is lighter, crisp, and with a light fizz.  Ruby in color, a bit frothy, but clear and bright.  Too dark to be a rose, but very light for a red.  On the nose, this has nice cherry fruit along with a slight sandalwood note.  Very energetic on the palate with good acidity.  The cherry flavors carry thru.  Slightly effervescent.  Not too unlike a quality Lambrusco but perhaps more bass tones (if that makes sense).  Good finish.  This is tasty and drinks well.  It worked with with a wide variety of foods as well as on its own.  No idea on ageing, certainly not a long time, but perhaps a few years.  Seems to have good distribution in the US though pricing varies between $20 and $30.  

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