This is an unusual wine.  It takes some of the Rose this winery produces and hard presses the grapes (presumably after the juice intended for the Rose is separated).  Hard pressing is basically squeezing to get a bit more juice.  This is typically tannic.  The difference is they then adds in Malbec juice to the wine.  The wine is barrel fermented and then aged for a bit in stainless steel.  The result is a young, lighter wine that is not too unlike a Beaujolais.  It proved quite popular at our tasting.  We liked this a bit more even than the 2017 which was also popular.  This retails for $16 which is a great value.  It is made utilizing organic grapes.  The wine itself is a deep ruby color.  The nose has plums, cherry blossom, some anise and black cherries.  On the palate, this is light bodied with good energy.  Easy drinking.  Sour cherries, and strawberries.  Good acidity.  It will go with a wide variety of foods and went great with fruit salad to spring rolls.  It should probably be consumed in the first year or two though may last a couple more than that.  

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