This is mostly about the packaging although the wine is very nice as well.  This comes in an aluminum bottle that holds 375ml of wine.  The Chardonnay is designated as California.  The top screws off but is a bit wider than a traditional screw top bottle.  The Aluminum is interesting as it chilled down nicely but really needed a cold pack to stay cold.  That said, this is a great format for taking wine to picnics and concerts (that allow it).  No worries about broken glass.  Easy to open and really could be consumed directly although we shared it in glasses.  The wine itself is good.  It has a pale silvery/gold color with slight green swirls.  The nose is crisp with lemons and lemonade notes.  It has a nice texture.  Very refreshing.  Just a bit of sweetness.  Grapefruit rind notes on the palate.  It finishes with a bitter almond quality.  All in all a nice, easy drinking chardonnay. It retails for around $7 which is a good value.  

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