Most of us have bottles laying around the house that either people brought over or they somehow ended up with.  So is the story of this wine.  It was actually won in a raffle.  Initially, the idea of actually drinking some cheap California Chardonnay seemed ridiculous.  Still, rather than be dismissive, the plan was to drink it.  After about a month of staring at the bottle, the time finally came.  And that good people, is why we need to open the bottle and taste.  Now, that is not to say this is going to blow away Montrachet or Rhys Chardonnay.  But, for under $15, this was solid.  No obvious faults.  Nothing offensive.  In short, a nice value California Chardonnay.  Light golden in color.  The nose has a slight oak note to it along with some lemon and slight apple.  On the palate, while not quite as enticing as the nose, there is slight apple and slight saw dust.  Nice acidity.  Good finish.  This would be a great choice for a party or for wine lovers who don't have a budget for $30 bottles on a Monday night.  

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