Castel is probably the consistently best top winery in Israel.  Although modern Israel wine is a very young industry, so this is always changing.  Castel has a proven track record.  The Grand Vin is the best wine that they make.  This is quite young and just not giving up much right now.  After a couple of hours of air, it had improved but its best days are at least five years in the future.  Inky purple in color.  The nose has nice baking spices along with some cherries.  On the palate, firm tannins.  Black cherries.  Monolithic at present.  It is tasty but needs time develop a complexity to make it worth the price tag.  Hold for ten years and then this should be good for ten to twenty after that.  It is a classic Bordeaux blend in style.  It will go well with brisket on a holiday table.  Kosher not Mevushal.

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