Petite Sirah is a very interesting grape.  Some wines are made to be consumed young but most need a little to a long time.  This one is not quite there but almost.  It is a grape that might be better suited to blending although its fans are strong (of which I am one).  The flavors are deep and intense but not boisterous.  This one is deep purple in color.  The nose has boysenberries, slight plums, dark chocolate and tarragon.  With air, a bit of black pepper.  On the palate, this is medium bodied.  The boysenberries and plums come thru with an underlying gravelly note.  Nice balance.  It really improved with a few hours of air.  This drinks well on its own but is probably better with a burger or ribs.  It might still improve a bit but should drink well for seven to ten years.  

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