I absolutely loved this wine.  And for $32, this is a great value.  What I like about Petite Syrah is that it is not as boisterous as Syrah but in a similar vein.  The two grapes are not (at least closely) related.  Many times it seems Petite producers try to "correct" for this and get too much ripeness.  It is a fine line, but this wine really does a wonderful job of expressing the true qualities of Petite.  It does need some air and time to open, so keep that in mind if drinking now.  Or better yet, cellar a few bottles and open them in ten years!  Inky purple in color.  The nose has black raspberries, char, and a bit of a floral (violets?) character.  It has a wonderful rich creamy texture.  The black raspberry carries thru over a charred earthy quality with a bit of black pepper.  Great energy and liveliness (sometimes Petite's get bogged down).  Nice finish.  This will need medium to hearty foods.  Middle Eastern, Indian and Grilled foods should be great.   The owner Paul Gordon will occasionally put his wines on sale to mailing list customers, so this is a list to sign up for.   

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