Aaron Pott has been making great wine in the Napa Valley for a while now.  Understandably, as the high critics scores have rolled in, the prices have crept up.  While this bottle is not cheap (around $75), it is a lot less than the Pott single vineyard wines.  Since I had never had one, my wife and I decided to open one young and drink it over a couple of days.  The result is this is an outstanding wine and should age nicely for a more than a decade.  Bright purple in color with some ruby swirls.  The nose has nice cassis with a fair amount of char and spice.  On day 2, the oak blended more and the cassis was intertwined with a slight vanilla note.  On the palate, this was very tight at first.  Firm tannins.  Cassis fruit but a bit out of balance.  On day 2, however, everything seemed to organize and the wine was harmonious and balanced.  Good finish.  In short, this wine needs a few years (at least in a cellar) to come together.  If drinking now, a six hour decant would be appropriate.  It is a classic modern style of a Napa Cab.  Not overblown but not shy either.  Delicious, deep and drinking well alone or with a nice steak or roasted vegetables.  Is it as good as the Pott single vineyard wines?  No.  But its also about half the price or so.  

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