This is the second vintage for a Red Wine Blend and I far prefer this to the 2015 version.  it is a blend of 42% Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah, 19% "Port Grapes, and 18% Syrah.  Yes, Port wine grapes can be a wide variety but I have no idea what they used and that the grapes are from Mendocino.  But, for $20 retail, no need to get hung up on that.  Right now it seems the Zinfandel and to a lesser extent the Syrah dominate the blend although that might change with time.  It is made by Rich Parducci.  This utilizes a cork (unlike the Chardonnay)  Ruby in color with purple swirls.  The nose has black cherries, black raspberries, some char and slight mint.  On the palate this has slight tannins.  Plenty of black raspberry fruit.  Easy drinking.  This drinks very easily.  It is tasty and enjoyable.  It should probably be consumed in the next few years.  Great value.  

Current Price: 

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