This is what is sometimes referred to as an "orange" wine.  What that means is that it is fermented on its skins.  The extended skin contact transfers some color to what is otherwise a white wine.  It has other effects on the wines depending on the wine making process.  Though this style of winemaking has been around for a long time, a small subsection or wine lovers and commentators discovered these wines about ten years ago and became enthralled with them.  Like anything however, just because a wine is made in this style doesn't make them good or bad.  This one, however, is very good.  The wine is left in contact with the skins for six months.  It sees another six months in Amphorae.  Unfortunately, at about $56 per bottle delivered, there isn't any value here and it may be hard to justify the cost.  Mostly Marsanne with a bit of Viognier.  It has a pale orange hue to it, clear and bright.  The nose is nice with a lot of honey and a bit of the old "Bit-o-honey" candy bar.  Also some lemon and grapefruits.  On the palate, this has lovely depth.  Great acidity.  The honey carries thru.  Plenty of citrus (lemons mostly).  Long finish.  This is a heavy, full bodied wine that can stand up to the heartiest sea foods and chicken dishes.  Good finish.  A fun romp thru a different kind of wine.  Serve at red wine temps and only to people with an open wine mind.  

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