Once again, Scarecrow cements itself as possibly the greatest Napa Cabernet being made today.  At least for my tastes it is.  This is young and already it merits a 100 point score.  does that mean it won't improve?  More of a philosophical question as I am sure it will change and mature but better?  Perhaps but this is stunning right now.  Tasted among some of Napa's elite wines, this was my WOTN.  Purple in color, clear at the rim.  The nose has cassis, slight hay notes, blueberries, spice and slight baked earth.  On the palate, this is seamless.  Wonderful balance.  Perfect acidity.  Tannins but the are interwoven with the fruit.  Cassis, chocolate, blueberries and minerals.  Deep.  Tightly wound but complex.  Long finish.  Wow.  


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